Performance Encyclopaedia

Performance Encyclopaedia is a participatory project by the Toronto-based artist collective, Public Recordings. The premise is simple: a group of writers convene pre-performance to compile an encyclopaedia in response to the themes of "making" and "witnessing" performance. Audiences receive a copy of the text on entering the performance space and are given an hour to read the text in whichever way they choose.

Shakespeare and ESL in higher education in Japan

The Japanese Society for Theatre Research held a 2-day conference at Kyoto Sangyo University under the heading 「シェイクスピア ローカル・グローバル」or “Shakespeare Local-Global.” The 2-day event, which ran from the 3-4 December 2016, was organized and led by Professor Masae Suzuki. I took part in a roundtable panel discussion on Shakespeare in higher education in Japan. Panelists included Timothy Medlock, Masaru Inoue and Masae Suzuki and commentators were Xiong Jieping and Shoko Yonaha.