Welcome to Performance Notes

Welcome to Performance Notes, a blog about contemporary theatre and performance in Japan and beyond.

Why start a new blog in 2017? Two reasons. First, as its title indicates, Performance Notes, is a space for short reflections or "notes" on the performances I see. In this sense it will serve as an informal archive and memory aid.

I am a theatre researcher based in Kobe, Japan and I have been living in the Kansai region for the past 5 years. One of my key research activities is to see new work. That involves keeping detailed notes on works of interest. I often record notes in audio format straight after seeing a show, but I also tend to write notes while watching performances too.

The second purpose is far less certain than the first, but by chronicling some of the work I see, I am hoping some of these notes may be of interest to other theatre afficionados.

While I do make frequent trips to Tokyo (and beyond), the majority of the work I see in Japan is inside the Osaka-Kyoto-Kobe triangle. Information in English on the artists, venues and works is minimal and I hope this blog goes some way to addressing that gap.

If you would like to connect with me on social media, I  am quite active on Instagram and Twitter and I also use Facebook from time to time.

Thanks again for stopping by.